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Welcome to our Society's research collection

Contained here are items from the Society's own holdings and also important loans from others. These loaned items are conserved, digitized and then returned to their owners. This is a community archive!

Use this tool to help us discover the most complete and best surviving historic record possible. Readers are encouraged to contribute detail and context of items they find here. Email us, with the “URI” of the item, and include your suggested comments or edits.

If you believe you own images or documents which are unique or are in better condition than what you find, here, please let us know and we will contact you.

Please explore and enjoy!

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Sub-communities within this community

  • Lake Pleasant is established in 1870 when the village was opened to the public via a picnic along the lake given by a resident for a group of friends.It's the smallest of the five village makeup of the Town of Montague.
  • Second in size among Montague's five villages. First overture for Millers Falls' establishment was made in 1685. It gets its name from the works of the Millers Falls Company in 1868.
  • Montague Center had its beginning in 1716 as the "Hunting Hills" area of Sunderland. It's the third largest village in the Town of Montague.
  • The "City" by population is the fourth largest village the Town of Montague. It's settled in 1792 and is the home of the former Farren Memorial Hospital and Montague City Rod Shop.
  • Turners Falls, established in 1868, is the Town's largest village, the seat of government and main business district.

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