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John Keith Letters page 280

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means to gratify them. We live economically in a small house with scarcely room to hang a “Cromo” Take us at our best and no one would confound us with the patrons of the ideal and historical in art. It is not that I do not prize a thing of beauty more than money but that I have not the money. -- I want something from cousin William's studio and if you dispose of the pictures I must and will purchase something. -- Mrs. Keith express a desire to possess the “Bulls head” that he copied from Mr Rockwells picture. If you still have it please reserve it for me until I see you. -- With a great deal of love Mrs. Keith and myself I am sincerely yours, -- John Keith --  ; -- <strong>***Editors Note ***</strong> -- John Keith's estate was assesed by the Franklin County Probate Court on December 10, 1886. The court's appointees appraised Keith's estate to be worth $52,758.13. In terms of 2018 dollars, that amount would be worth about $1,362,672 today. Although this certainly didn't indicate that he was a poor man, it also may not be considered a fabulous treasure in exchange for the hard and dedicated work of the last 15 years of life. -- (CC) --