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John Keith Letters page 389

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Aug. 17th ,5 [1885] -- Holyoke Paper Co. -- Gentlemen, -- I send you to day via N.H. & H. RR two boxes containing 6 base and 2 side prices for #1 machine and one bid for #2 machine and 205 magnets which with the 10 new ones you now have will make a complete set for your three machines. -- Please return the 10 now in use to me and oblige. -- I did not see Mr. [Bradley] as he has charge of the electric lights the other day but his assistant thought there would be no trouble in making the necessary arrangements. -- I will attend to it before these will need to be recharged. -- If there is any trouble or any thing you wish to see me about please let me know and I will come any time. -- Yours Truly -- C. M. Burnett --  ; -- Charles M. Burnett begins as bookkeeper in the fall of 1872; was elected Clerk of the Keith Paper Co. in 1882. On November 1886 Burnett was made Treasurer of K.P.Co. June 1, 1887 Burnett is made a Director of K.P. Co. May of 1889 Burnett is now Clerk-Treasurer and is now involved with major decision and policy-making for the company. He now travels the country representing the K.P. Co. September, 1908 Burnett retires from the firm.             -- e.g. --