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John Keith Letters page 66

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To make me [long] promises that you do not intend to carry out to the letter. -- I might be depending upon an amt from you and go away from home and Mrs. Burnett not getting it Somebodys note would go to protest – -- The $2000.00 -- check rec -- d -- from Misses Warren[?] -- I got no money out of R. K. & Co. they give me a slight promise of getting a J.K. note discount as the last of the month or first of next. -- I will send Pagenstecher a note today and ask him to discount it – I telegraphed you today and trust you have sent another check or note. -- Please never promise me what you cannot carry out as it entirety upsets all my arrangements. -- Our sales up to last night – for this month $9650.00 -- Yours Respectfully    John Keith Prest -- --