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John Keith Letters page 244

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Dec 1, 80 [1880] -- E. D. Jones -- Dr Sir, -- Your 26th at hand. -- You ask about our building a new mill next spring. -- The President of the Water Power Co. asked me to make him a proposition early in the summer for the land between our mill and the Bridge with water power. I did so and he submited it to the directors. -- over --  ;   <ul><li>Bernard N. Farren was then President of the Turners Falls Co., the “Water Power Co.”</li> <li>The Bridge had to be the Lower “White” Suspension Bridge or what is today the 6th St. Bridge (at the Griswold Cotton Mill) as the land to the east and up to the canal gatehouse is now occupied by the Russell Cutlery, Montague Paper and Montague Pulp Co's.</li> <li>E.D. Jones of Pittsfield provided the engines for Keiths two paper making machines. -- -- e.g -- </li> </ul>