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Lyonsville Mill (copy 1)

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Colrain Historical Society
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(on back) Lyonsville Mill, Lyonsville Mass. Date unknown but could be early 1900- Gordon Shippee '83; - "A. Smith, who has charge of the Griswoldville Manufacturing Company's saw mill on the old Willis Place has sawed since the first of January 400,000 feet of lumber. The largest amount sawed any one day was 11,126 feet. The greatest days work was sawed into inch and a quarter boards. The work was all done with one saw and three hands. The number of logs required to make the day's work was 88. The saw was run eleven hours." (May 6, 1867).- In July of the same year it was reported that the mill would start the first of next January, and that the tenement block was under construction. Actually, the looms got onto production shortly before the end of the year."
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