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Montague Paper Company

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A canal side view of Montague Paper from around 1876 - A stand-alone Item
Montague Pulp / Montague Paper was among the first two mills built along the power canal that was built by the Turners Falls Company 1866-1916. This mill was closest to the dam, at the falls, on the Turners Falls side of the Connecticut River. Immediately downstream was the John Russell Cutlery Co. (1868). The earliest paper mill construction was in 1871 and was located beside the Cutlery (not visible in this picture). In this view (from left to right), is the iconic building #10 (1872). The section behind it is separated by a fire wall and known as building #9. Attached to the side is the smaller bld. # 12 (1872), building # 14 (1872), and on the right is the 1875 building # 15, which held the company offices in the upper floor.
This image was scanned from a paper print original at 1200 DPI, 16 bit Gray scale, in several sections. This reduced version was stitched together for web presentation.
Turners Falls Canal - Montague Paper