1938 Hurricane


The September 21, 1938 Hurricane "stormed" its way up the east coast of the United States. Reaching Long Island Sound, it intensified. With winds estimated at up to 200 m.p.h. near the eye, the hurricane was about to serve the New England States its most lethal and destructive path. Flooding was a component of the storm but its magnitude didn't match the 1927 or 1936 floods that devastated the Pioneer Valley.

This collection of images will allow the viewer to gain a sense of the extent of the local devastation.


Descriptions--with slight modifications--are as they are given in the P.S. Miller collection. Peter Spencer Miller has contributed several images from his Greenfield collection of the 38' hurricane to this segment.

One must have a reasonable amount of local knowledge to "zero-in" on the exact location.

Greenfield images are all dated Sept. 22, 1938. The Turners Falls airport and Montague City (Cabot Station) photos are simply dated 1938.

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